Our high quality examination gloves have proven effective in all medical and nursing areas. Material and workmanship make them comfortable to use and improve safety for staff and patients.

The HARTMANN product portfolio includes examination and surgical gloves for all health care settings. Powder-free gloves are preferred in the surgical field as these prevent possible irritation being caused by the powder and potentially related complications right from the start. Our latex-free surgical gloves, made from 100% synthetic copolymer, are particularly suitable for persons with a latex allergy. The highly elastic, very thin, powder-free Peha-micron plus is a good choice for use in vascular and microsurgery, giving the surgeon the superior tactile sensitivity required. Peha-shield surgical gloves provide effective protection against X-rays, are used for personal protection and fully meet all the requirements demanded of a surgical glove. Peha fol and Peha tex complete the range of HARTMANN examination gloves. They are mainly used in the nursing field.

Our Focus

Peha-taft Classic Powderfree  

Peha-taft Plus Powderfree  

Peha-micron Plus Powderfree  

Peha-isoprene Plus Powderfree  

Peha-neon Plus Powderfree  

Peha-shield Powderfree  

Peha-soft Syntex Powderfree  

Peha-soft Nitrile Fino Powderfree  

Peha-soft Nitrile White