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Wound Management

A newly-discovered protein gives hope for treatment that will reduce the risk of amputation  
New findings from British scientists at the Universisty of Bristol could lead to future treatments to prevent lower limb amputations in diabetes.

The treatment of chronic wounds  
To date 40 % of patients are not primarily treated with moist / modern wound treatment products, although almost 90 % of the physicians would use them in the first instance.

Diabetic foot: hydroactive wound dressings promote healing  
If the macro and micro circulation in the skin is disturbed, a chronic wound can develop. An article in the medical journal Lancet provided an overview of the biological and molecular wound healing process.

Telemedicine can improve the quality of life for patients with chronic wounds  
Using telemedicine in chronic wound care not only helps reduce therapy costs. The patients too benefit from the electronic exchange of medical data because long trips to wound specialists can be eliminated.