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Wound Management Products

In addition to traditional products such as gauze and cellulose, HARTMANN also provides modern hydroactive dressings for the treatment of wounds. The conclusive range of harmonized products meets the requirements of the specific wound healing phases, shortens the healing time and allows for more cost-effective wound care.

The tremendous progress in the basic understanding of wound healing has led to the development of a new class of wound care products in the last few decades. HARTMANN is one of the leaders in this field providing nursing and health professionals with an innovative range of hydroactive wound dressings in addition to traditional gauze or cellulose-based products.

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Atrauman Ag  

Cosmopor E  

Cosmopor I.V.  


Hydrocoll thin  

Hydrosorb Gel  

Omnifix E  



TenderWet 24 active  

TenderWet active cavity